30 Simple Steps To Boost Local SEO For Landscape Business

Local SEO Checklist For Landscape Business

Do you want to rank your local business on Google, Bing, Apple Maps and other local search engines? You are in the right place. Is your brand visible to potential customers? If you are a local business and you have not defined your local SEO, you are missing out on the opportunity to be seen when that customer searches on your desktop or on a mobile device.

But local SEO is not a mysterious entity. It is a series of concerted steps. And we can help you adapt local landscape SEO efforts to your business model. 

Local SEO Checklist For #Landscape Business

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Local SEO Checklist For Landscape Business

Here The 30 Simple Steps To Boost Local SEO For Landscape Business

  • Optimize title tags Your title tags need to be concise with keywords you want to rank for.
  • Structure your URLs Clean and simple URLs are more SEO-friendly.
  • Optimize your images Heavy images can make your site slow-to-load.
  • Redirect all pages to www Ensure all your site’s pages are redirected to www.
  • Optimize your navigation menu Items on your navigation menu should be made indexable.
  • Have consistent NAP details Business Name, Address & Phone number need to be uniform across the internet.
  • Feature complete location data Have a Contact Us page featuring the NAP of all your business locations.
  • Use structured data markup Adding schema markup to your website improves SEO.
  • Pay attention to XML Sitemap XML sitemaps make it easier for Google to find your site’s pages and thereby improve SEO.
  • Create/Claim your Google My Business listing Getting listed on Google will feature your business in Google’s knowledge panel.
  • Setup Google Webmasters Webmasters will help keep track of your site’s search performance.
  • Setup Google Analytics Google Analytics can help you analyze your website’s data better.
  • Provide accurate data on your Google listing A detailed GMB listing can help users pick your business over competitors.
  • Select business categories carefully Picking the right main and additional categories can help you rank for more search keywords.
  • Develop a mobile-friendly website Google’s algorithm ranks mobile-first sites higher.
  • Create / Claim Bing listing Getting listed on Bing can help you earn more leads for your business.
  • Create / Claim Yelp listing Yelp is one of the most popular sites for business discovery and reviews.
  • Create / Claim listings on other directories Ensure presence on all directories to increase your chances of being found.
  • Check listings on all major directories Detect and resolve inconsistencies in your listings on all directories.
  • Get on niche-specific directories Get listed on industry-specific directories to be found by more prospective customers.
  • Get on social platforms Identify the platforms where your customers are and make your business visible.
  • Submit citations to top 50 sites Get featured on the top citation sites for more referral traffic.
  • Check competitors’ citations Find where your competitors are and get on those sites as well.
  • Remove duplicate citations Duplicate citations can push your rankings down due to inconsistencies in data.
  • Monitor and respond to reviews regularly Replying to reviews can help you build a relationship with your customers.
  • Look to generate more reviews Getting more positive reviews can improve your overall rating and attract more customers.
  • Add recognizable testimonials Display reviews from existing local customers to improve your business’ credibility.
  • Remove duplicate content Check your website for duplicate content.
  • Update content regularly Set up a blog that hosts content specific to the locations of your business.
  • Build quality backlinks Work towards acquiring backlinks on sites with high domain authority.

Final Summary:

  • Setup Google My Business page
  • Optimize all of your pages with local keywords
  • Make sure your NAP listings
  • Generate genuine feedback from your customers on Google and Yelp
  • Optimize content for search engines
  • Focus on localized backlinks

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​​I am a professional Local SEO specialist, team leader of Landscape Marketing XYZ and RegentSEO which is a trusted SEO Agency with over 7 years of industry experience. I understand what it takes to get your website #1. Feel free to contact me with any kind of questions you may have and let me help you to build and strengthen your online presence with more diligence.