6 Effective Landscaping Advertisement Examples

Landscaping Advertisement Examples

As a new owner of a small landscaping business, you always want to grow your business.

Do you know what are the best advertisements to grow your business?

It is almost right that you are trying to grow primarily via word of mouth. This can seem daunting, for residential landscaping businesses.

Generally, the contract sizes of the business aren’t large enough to warrant having a dedicated salesperson for door-to-door marketing.

As we know, you don’t just want any new client – you just want new clients within your service radius.

You should know that most advertising options are either expensive, complicated or both.

The good news for landscaping marketing advertisement is you don’t need to be a marketing expert to grow your client base or your business.

6 Effective Landscaping Advertisement Examples

Social networking

It is an essential part of the landscaping advertisement. This free advertising can have powerful outcomes for your business.

YouTube Channel: You need to create a YouTube channel that links to your website with homemade short videos offering effective landscaping tips.

Need Radio Channel: to give information informational presentations to Rotary clubs or on your public radio station which can give you notoriety within your community. Look carefully for local and national contests to enter in your area.

Join a meetup group: it will help you meet local residents who value the function and beauty of their yards.

Create a Facebook page: you provide weekly green tips through your Facebook page for your fans. Keep in mind, you have to accumulate fans by socially reaching out to Facebook’s audience. Besides, clients to teach a class on worm casting, composting or natural fertilizing at your local community center.

Social networking Landscaping Advertisement Examples


Fliers are probably known as the second hardest-working weapon in your advertising weapon.

Do you have any idea of filters? It is most important to start the landscaping business. Such as business cards, fliers can be distributed widely at a fairly low cost — as little as 6 cents each when reproduced by a quickie print shop.

Fliers are also considered as the one-sided on letter-sized paper and can be folded and placed under windshield wipers in parking lots, posted on bulletin boards at the mall or supermarket or distributed door to door.

You need to increase filters and staple a business card to each one since clients are more apt to file away a business card for future reference than a piece of paper.

fliers advertising

Image Source: wikihow.com/Make-an-Advertising-Flyer

Use Free Design Methods

Do you know how you will use free methods? Simply you can save a huge amount of money by using a word processing program like Microsoft Word to design the flier.

Make sure it easy-to-read as possible by using white space, call-outs like bullets or lists and no more than one or two typefaces.

Your reliability, professionalism, and the conveniences you offer as well as the potential customers will have when they see their beautiful yards.

Use Free Design Methods landscaping advertising templates

Door hangers

Do you want to catch homeowners or office owners right where they live? You must use door hangers, which are essential tags with a hole cut in the top so they can be hung from any doorknob.

The standard size of the hangers are generally 4 by 9 inches, and they can be printed in black and white in color.

The color versions of the door hangers are more eye-catching, especially very important for a lawn and landscaping business, and they can be printed on UV light resistant, heavy paper to prevent damage from the weather as well.

Furthermore, to make door hangers you may cost about 8 to 10 cents each for 5,000.

If you follow some companies have templates you can use to make the design process simple.

Door hangers Landscaping Advertisement Examples

Direct mail

It is another important way to reach potential customers right where they live is with direct mail.

Do you know the proper effect of direct mail? It is an expensive thing that includes everything from brochures to newsletters and coupon books.

As many as, as a new owner of the landscaping company, your direct-mail doesn’t have to be elaborate like a simple letter, postcard or flier with the appropriate hard-hitting sales copy will do.

If you want to include a mail-back card or a business card “as direct mail” to make it easy for your reader to contact you.

Direct mail Landscaping Advertisement Examples


Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful advertising vehicles at your settlement.

Do you have enough idea of word-of-mouth? It is one of the major advantages when you are going to sell your service to customers.

You don’t have to do anything special to garner this kind of freebie publicity. Perhaps you all perform on your job to the best of your ability, and clients will talk favorably about you and your willingness to do something whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.

To get better ideas of WOM influence what your customers comment about you. Knowing feedback from the customers, you have to recover the problems and solve them properly.

You can get some landscaping business owners to call their clients a few weeks into the mowing season or after providing any landscaping service to get feedback and must verify their satisfaction.

You must get a referral during the conversation, which you can just turn into a WOM opportunity by using their name when you call the person to whom you were referred.

Word-of-Mouth advertising

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