Top 10 Facebook Posts Tips For Your Landscaping Business

Landscape lawn Facebook Posts Tips

We love connecting with our valued customers and friends on facebook. We think it’s a great way to announce product updates, share the helpful article and chat with customers.

Do you have a facebook page for your landscaping company?

Every company uses Facebook for many reasons such as promoting the company, handle customer service issues, communicate with customers and prospects, increase brand awareness, etc.

For these reasons, you need a Facebook page. It’s probably a given which you’re prospecting your posts will encourage engagement and interaction on your page as much as possible.

Do you know what type of post the most engagement with your fans? Know details to follow this post.

Top 10 Facebook Posts Tips For Your Landscaping Business

Fill out all profile information

Make sure to build out your Page’s profile completely. Create your Facebook Page like an additional website for your company.

You must add your company logo as the profile image and add an eye-catching cover photo that represents your business or an example of your work, additionally, you can add a phone number, mailing address, email, website (if you have one) and the company description.

landscaping facebook posts profile info

Add Photos

You always Posts with photos get 39% more interaction, and they account for 93% of the most attractive posts and posts on Facebook.

Try to view Pretty impressive all posts so that clients like most. All Photos of your work or employees in action are always good ones to share.

Add Photos Landscaping Facebook Posts

Post Copy

When you are posting try to keep it short and personal.  Do you 90 characters recommend in the infographic below?

If you ask a question with those 90 characters that makes it even better.

Upload every attractive Image

You have to consent on demand of every client who suggests to upload photos with bright colors like red and orange, close-up people and to avoid logos.

Make sure your all photos that are 300 x 300. So that bright flowers and yellow line striping come to mind.

Mobile First

For better perform on facebook use simple imagery, and short copy and yes/no questions on your page because close to 70% of your friends/ clients are going to see your posts on a mobile device.

Be Concise

Publish your all posts between 80-250 characters because shorter posts get 23% more interaction.

Many landscaping companies posted something that combines the first two tips by posting a photo of flowers along with the statement like “summer color in your garden needs to add lots of orange for a cheerful, bold look.”

This post is considered as the most powerful because it includes an eye-catching photo with a nice short statement to go along.

Perhaps it got their fans thinking about what type of flowers they want to plant at their property.

Use Emoticons

Likes, Comments, and shares, the three things are most powerful when you post your company’s products or service ideas.

You can use post relevant mode like you use emoticons when posting. You also can use smiling while you’re creating a clever post.

But make sure to add a smiley face emoticon to the end of your sentence.   

Use Emoticons lawn care facebook ads

Post on Thursdays & Fridays

Posts timely so that clients can understand your page is valuable and all informative posts.

Do you know engagement increases by 18% on Thursdays and Fridays?

You should work one or both of those days into your post schedule on Facebook.

facbook post time Post on Thursdays & Fridays

Post Questions

Posting business-related questions are the way of connecting customers.

Do you have any idea how to post questions?

It can generate 100% more comments than standard posts with comments. If you can create an informative question with an easy answer, that is most effective for getting clients.

Many established landscaping companies posted a photo of tomatoes and asked: “What are you planting in your garden?” by this question they got thousands of comments and include huge customers under their business.

Give Coupons or Discounts

As a new owner of the landscaping business, you’re trying for height score.

For this reason, you have to consider offering a coupon for Facebook fans because 42% of fans like a page to get a coupon.

landscape Coupons or Discounts

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