22 Quick SEO Guides for Lawn Care and Landscaping 2019

SEO Guides for Lawn Care and Landscaping

Do you want to grow your landscaping business? Then you must learn these 22 tips and implement it on your own site. You know that SEO plays a significant role to grow on the online.

Especially, these SEO guides will be worthwhile for lawn carers and landscapers.

You may use the best strategies to grow your lawn and landscaping business. But if you really want to get the potential clients to find you on the web, then you must have proper SEO knowledge.

Could you say why do you need SEO for your Landscaping business?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. Basically, The modern search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo) are smart enough to understand your queries. But you still need to use some tactics for proper optimization.

SEO is the best way of optimizing a website to get the best performances in organic searches.

There are many aspects of SEO. To grow your local business, you need to use Local SEO, a subcategory of SEO.

You may raise the question why do you need Local SEO? Well, If you want to start up your lawn caring and landscaping business in Alabama, surely you do not need people from Texas or any other states to find your services.

SEO for your Landscaping business

What you will find out in this article?

Well, in this article, we are going to include…

  1. The most important aspects of SEO with 22 best tips that would be worthwhile for you.
  2. How you can implement the tips on your own website.
  3. The resources that will help to broaden your SEO knowledge.

Here are the 22 best and most effective SEO methods that will flourish your business by generating loads of traffic

1. Optimize your local keywords in the right approach

This is the first and foremost thing to keep your local business on the right track. You just need to optimize for local keywords in order to do the best in local search.

You need to research in the right approach to determine the most applicable keywords for your pages.

In order to do well in keyword research, you have to use the appropriate tools. In this case, Google’s Keywords Research Tools will help you out.

You also can use keywords Everywherewhich is very useful.

In my opinion, Google’s Keywords Research Tools would be best for local keyword research. I personally, use Ahrefs, it’s a paid SEO tool.

Have a look on the quick list:

  • [Your City] Landscaping- (i.e. Birmingham, Alabama)
  • [Your City] Lawn Care Services
  • Best Lawn Mowing Services in [Your City]

After finding out the main keywords, use them on your webpages.

You can’t over-stuffing your pages. Because It will badly impact on your SEO efforts. If Google detects that you are trying to manipulate the system, you won’t rank your site, even your site can get the penalty.

Optimize your local keywords in the right approach SEO Guides for Lawn Care and Landscaping

2. Provide Your “NAP” Data with Consistency

NAP data refers to Name, Address, and Phone

If you do not provide your NAP data with consistency, Google will avoid ranking your website or a particular page for local search.

Nobody will find you if your site does not get ranking.

So always be consistent in terms of providing NAP data.

Provide Your “NAP” Data with Consistency SEO Guides for Landscaping

3. Make Your Contact Information Visible

Your first priority should make your contact information easily accessible so that people can easily find you.

You can place it in several places on your websites, for example, top right corner, top left corner, top or bottom of the pages.

But you must have a “Contact Info” section on the main menu.

For added visibility, you can even make your all the contact details bold or italic with colored text.

Make Your Contact Information Visible SEO Guides for Landscaping

Do you know what is the most important information that you can include in your contact details section?

Well, you must mention the following data.

  • Phone number
  • Office address
  • Hours of operation
  • All other ways of contact including social media

Again, I’d say that place your contact details on several places on your website.

Never forget to place on the home page or main menu.

4. Include Your Local Business on “Google My Business”

In my opinion, this is the most important thing to grow your local landscaping business. Basically, it is very important for growing every type of local business.

GMB – or Google My Business-is like the Yellow Pages for the internet.

It’s much more popular. The most important thing is that it’s free.

You won’t show up your local business on Google maps without “Google My Business”. This is a must-do for you to be found on Google. Especially, it is very crucial particularly in mobile search, which is the most popular form of search at present.

Apart from that, GMB-(Google My Business) will allow you to manage and highlight your customer reviews in a wonderful way. Which is also a very important aspect to rank up your services on the local searches.

Google My Business SEO Guides for Landscaping

5. Optimize The Metadata

Metadata Optimization is one of the most important technical aspects of SEO.

In SEO terms, the metadata is valuable pieces of information that identifies and qualifies your Website:

The quick list of metadata:

  • your page titles
  • your page descriptions
  • your headlines and subheadlines, etc.

Page Title

You just need to optimize it for your local keywords and try to keep it no longer than 60 characters.

It’s unnecessary to make it longer than 60 characters. Because Google will cut it off the extra character. So you have to optimize your page title within 60 characters.

Meta description

The Meta description provides a brief summary of a web page. So you have to create a compelling and informative description so that it will be worthwhile for you.

Google often shows the meta description in the search results. So it may influence the user to click through.

You have to optimize the meta description within 160 characters.


Always make sure that you only have one H1 tag per page. It should contain your primary page keyword.

Optimize The Metadata SEO Guides for Lawn Care

6. From where you can get the most crucial citation?

A citation is the best way of putting your NAP data visible and accessible on the web.

If you want to rank up your website in Google, then you must put your concentration on the proper citation.

Here is the list of some important online directory sites from where you will get cited.

Citation SiteDomain Authority
Apple Maps100
Google My Business100
local citation

7. Display the reviews from your clients

It is very important to display online customer reviews and testimonials on your websites. It will provide you more local credibility. So it would be very worthwhile for growing your local business.

Apart from that, it also will make you trustworthy to your website visitors and prospective local clients.

Display the reviews from your clients

8. Impressive backlink strategy

The backlink is one of the most important aspects for getting ranked well with consistency and quickly. There are many exclusive ideas out there for valuable link-building.

Internal linking is very important for ranking. Sometimes it works as backlinks.

When you write similar articles on a certain topic you should link them with each other. Then google and the users can understand that the topics are similar.

It also helps to google to understand the structure of your website.

Moreover, the internal link building will establish a hierarchy on your website.

All the following factors will help you to get the link back to your website.

Impressive backlink strategy SEO Guides for Lawn Care

9. Create outstanding and high-quality content

Content is the most important thing for growing your business. But, the content must have to carry an outstanding and appreciable thought, style, and tone across all distribution channel.

The high-quality content will drive your brand forward. The consistency in a brand will ensure the growth and success of your business.

Surely, high-quality content is the asset of your websites. It will create positive thinking for your potential customers. Apart from that, it also keeps confidence in your existing customers.

The high-quality content is also important for getting valuable links back to your websites from others.

If you want to rank your site or a particular page, you must have to create unique and high-quality content. So do not forget to create the content with the consistency.

Create outstanding and high-quality content

10. Build a strong social media activity

Basically, social media is not a direct ranking factor. But certainly, it will help you to rank up your website.

In fact, it is very worthwhile for generating visitors to your website.

Apart from that, it also generates many links and shares. The number of shares and links will move your site up on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

So whatever the piece of article you write, you should share them on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on.

social media activity

Moreover, you should optimize your SlideShare account with keywords, and links back to your website.

Why you can’t overlook SlideShare? Because Google loves it.

It also can be a valuable way of optimizing your Off-page SEO

So social media activity will help to maximize the indirect benefits that you can get.

11. Build strong interactivity on forums and commenting on blogs

This is the best way of gaining popularity on the circle. This connects in a way to thought leadership.

Do not comment links on the comment section of other blogs.

While commenting on a blog or forum you won’t gain a link, but it will get your name recognized in important circles.

So first, outreach popular blogs in your industry, and make a point to leave comments on a regular basis. Your comments should be essentials, informative and unique.

Same with popular forums like Quora and Reddit. Join here for helping the people. If you have a relevant comment to add, do so. It may be fruitful and essentials for the users who may be reading.

Apart from that, the participation in industry chats will help to build relationships with influencers and other bloggers who may link back to your site in the future.

Most importantly, the active presence on forums and blogs will recognize you as an influencer.

forums and commenting on blogs

12. Create an effective outreach campaign

Whenever you create a buzzworthy piece of content you should make sure it reaches the right people by creating an outreach campaign.

If you’ve been participating in social media and industry-related conversations, you should be aware of some the major influencers

Most importantly, you have to seek attention from them. Build a strong activity by helping out others so that the influencers awe you.

With a little research in the right way, you can uncover any major bloggers or thought leaders in your niche.

Once you have created a piece that you think will be helpful and interest them, simply send an email or direct message to know if they would be interested in sharing your content.

I recommend creating a list of all relevant influencers for each category of your business in a Google spreadsheet or MS Excel. And always try to keep yourself up to date.

Do not forget to follow up! An initial email can easily end up in the trash bin or you can be refused at the first attempt. So always have a follow-up email ready to send again.

Create an effective outreach campaign SEO Guides for Lawn Care

13. Contact the right people

I have mentioned previously that it is very important to contact the appropriate people for getting links back to your site. I have pointed it out again so that you will overly emphasize on it.

You have to make sure that you find your expected influencers with your initial research.  Rember, you’re looking at more than just counting followers to outreach the influencers.

Consider how engaged the following is, and who they are. Just because someone operates in the same industry doesn’t necessarily their target audience is the same as yours.

So take the time to narrow down only the most relevant influencers. This way would the best of getting high-quality backlinks.

Contact the right people

14. Guest Post

The guest posting is the most proven method of getting links back to the website with ease. Basically, it is one of the easiest and effective ways of building high-quality links.

You need to follow some simple but effective steps to get started with the guest posting:

  1. Clearly establish your niche, and fill your blog with superb-quality, industry-related posts
  2. Outreach the top influencers or bloggers in your field and any publications they have blogged as a contributor or guest.
  3. Outreach the blog related to your niche and those accept guest post or offer contributorship.
  4. Coordinate with the site owners in the right way.
  5. Create high-quality content that you want to write for.
  6. Insert the link that you want to back to your site.

These are the best way of guest posting. When you have identified a few to pitch for, then clearly state to them your expertise, idea and a link to your own blog.

Don’t throw together a blog simply for the links. Always- remember! Quality is the most important here. Take enough time to create a solid piece for your guest post, and the links will follow.

get started with the guest posting:

15. Try to use videos on your site

It would a great idea if you make videos on your niche and upload them on your youtube channel.

It’s the second-largest search engine in the world, which means your videos should be considered like any other optimized content.

YouTube alone gets over 30 million visitors every single day. And almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube per day.

So it could be an ideal medium to get your name and link out there.

Try to use videos on your site

Do you know how you can get started with?

Well, First create a youtube channel if you do not have. Then make unique and informative content according to your niche. Then simply include links in your channel and video descriptions.

Include keywords that have search volume. You also have to make sure that your videos are of high quality.

Build your page with most topical videos and links to more in-depth content. Then surely you are most likely to get the best output.

16. Emphasize on Unique Content

Do you know what is content? Content is both information and communication.

The combination of the uniqueness, readability, relevance, and usefulness of the information presented, and the manner in which it is presented. The essence of a communicated message or discourse, as perceived or received by its targeted audience.

In general, we think that the article is only considered as content. In fact, images and videos are also considered as content.

So apart from creating unique content, all the images and videos also have to be outstanding and high-quality.

You should create high-quality images, especially infographics. Because it is very important for off-page SEO.

The proper optimization of images is one of the best ways to relay information. Most of the social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing. Because they are very effective at generating leads to your site.

Optimize your images properly and include attribution in your creative commons agreement. When someone shares your image a link will be included on every page the image is on.

Emphasize on Unique Content

 17. Check for broken links to other sites

This is one of the most important terms of SEO. Because a broken link will badly hurt your SEO strategies. It may also impact on your ranking factors.

Do you know how does a broken link building strategy work?  First of all, analyze the links on someone’s site (hopefully an influencer or thought the leader in your niche) that you already get back to your site.

Then identify the broken links if you find. And contact the site owner to resolve them.

Prepare your own content that will fill the broken link you identified. That way, when you coordinate with the site owner you can request it be filled with your newly prepared content.

Another effective way is to simply ask the site owner to include a link back to yours in return for resolving their dead links.

Why the finding of the broken link is important? Because when the visitors click on the broken link. They could appear 404 pages. It could be enough reason to turn prospective clients or customers off your brand or site. Because no one likes broken links and 404 pages.

You have essentially done the work for them by assessing their links. So surely they will be more than happy to provide the link you back.

broken links

18. Link to others and notify them

Linking to others is a  natural and one of the most effective way to build up the relationship with other bloggers or influencers.

If you link to others, you can expect the link to back you up from them.

When it comes to link others, always consider that the content is particularly relevant or useful to your audience.

In WordPress, when you link to others they will get a notification. So you do not need to let them know.

But the website built up with PHP or other languages, you have to need to let them know by contacting with mail.

You can question why you need to let them know?

Not only will help build a relationship, but they may return the favor with a link to your site in the future.

So it is very important for you!

Link to others and notify them SEO Guides for Lawn Care

19. Create Original guide post with valuable information

The internet is not yet already saturated with the information.

So if your content is relevant, useful and outstanding, then it will rank high fastly.

Original information, checklist, or how-to guide is great for building high-quality backlinks.

If your content is useful and supportive to the audiences, you’re that much more likely to gain links.

So always try to create informative and outstanding content with original data. Then you will likely get citations from bloggers, writers, and influencers. Which means they’ll provide an instance, and include a link back to your original study.

Collecting the necessary and valuable data is not a big deal. You can simply do it by running a survey through Google Forms.

Apart from that, Survey Monkey also can help you to collect the information that you want to include in your content.

Create Original guide post with valuable information

20. Monitoring your backlinks on a regular basis

Regularly monitoring the backlinks is very crucial for off-page SEO. You have to supervise how many backlinks you have and how many you want to gain over a certain period of time.

There are many useful tools out there to help you find who has mentioned you. Moz and SEMrush can be valuable additions for you.

Using these useful tools, you’ll be able to see and monitor all the backlinks indicating to your website.

The tools also will allow you to monitor the quality of the links and make sure they’re ones you want.

Apart from that, you also can resolve your broken links.

Monitoring your backlinks on a regular basis SEO Guides for Lawn Care and Landscaping

21. Hold events and giveaways

Directing an event or giveaway is a great way to forward your brand or business.

If you include valuable information on your website, it also can be a great way to generate links back to your event page.

Hold events and giveaways

22. Paid Promotion

Google ads and Facebook paid promotion is the best way of targeting a particular group of audiences.

Apart from facebook paid promotion, you also can use paid promotion with other social media such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and so on.

Most importantly, you can easily get started with. It will cost you a little amount of money.

Google -and-Facebook-paid-promotion 113

In conclusion:

If you can implement all the SEO strategies mentioned above ob your own blog, your site or page will get ranked soonly. And you will get loads of traffic and better leads on your website or pages.

This article is useful and informative for those who want to build their own lawn care and landscaping business.

The articles help you to provide:

  • Useful information and tips of SEO
  • How you can implement the strategies to get advantages
  • Useful resources that really will help you.

Very few of your competitors know about this exclusive SEO tips. So if you can properly implement these on your website, surely you will dominate over others.

If you have any queries about SEO or landscaping business, feel free to contact us.

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